Shower Storage | Solutions And Ideas

Everyone had this situation happen to them before. You are taking a shower and you are half way done. You reach down to grab your soap or shampoo and you miss. Then you suddenly realize that you ran out of shampoo the other day and the new flask is still sitting in your shopping bag downstairs. Half wet you jump out of the shower, create a mess out of your bathroom, stairs and living room and then on the way back you almost trip. This all can be prevented if you invest a little time and money in building shower storage.

What is shower storage? It can be created in many ways in your shower but what it comes down to is storage for bath and body articles so it can be easily reached while being in the shower shelves as well as an inventory to see what you are missing and what you are still good to go on. The main idea is to have one section or a few sections inside your shower organizer that are hollow. This means that it leaves space to put articles in that are directly reachable with your hands while you are in the shower. This works if you have thick studded walls out of concrete.

A nice decorative way is to use different color tiles for these hollow spaces used as storage so they are easily recognizable and can’t cause optical illusions. Some households come with a shower that has shower storage built-in. If you are in the process of having a house being built then consult your architect to keep this in mind as a shower storage compartment shaped in this way is a concise decision that needs to be made upfront before the construction of the shower caddies or shower tub combo begins.

If you are using a fiberglass shower cabin or your studded cement walls are not thick enough to support a shower storage compartment then there are other options. You can get out your drilling machine, screws and build a little shower storage compartment yourself that is not inside the wall but outside of the wall. The best way is to go to the home depot store and look what kind of small cupboards they offer. Basically all you need is one plastic or fiberglass bar and then attach it to the wall. Opting for metallic or wood is not a good idea. Metallic is harder to apply and more expensive while there is not much need for the extra stability while wood will obviously rot. So in most existing shower cabins the shower storage will exist of two or three shelves inside the shower cabin.

The last option to create shower storage is to put the compartment in the shower floor. This means when the shower base is made it will leave a little square or circle open where the soap can be placed. The shower base will have a little lump so that the water won´t flow over it and then pull the placed shampoo or soap to the drain.

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